A Simple Guide to Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Sydney. If you are visiting this beautiful city, you should definitely consider taking a trip to the harbour and going whale watching. The strategic location of Sydney means that you can probably see whales migrating to and from different parts of the world. The humpback whale is one of the larger species of whales, and can be found in oceans all around the world.

It’s very famous for its iconic action of breaching through the water, doing acrobatics in the air, and also slapping the surface with its majestic tail. The humpback whale is found in oceans all around the world, but it’s in Australia, specifically Sydney, from where you can see them up close. There are a number of local companies that offer tours for whale watching in Sydney, so it’s a great idea for people who want a unique experience. Here’s a simple guide to whale watching that you should follow.

Book Your Trip as Early as Possible

There’s quite a bit of demand for whale watching, as many people travel to the city just so that they can see these beautiful whales as they pass by them. If that’s what you are interested in, you need to make a booking as early as you can. There are a number of local companies that have their offices near the harbour, and you can make a booking online directly through their website. Once you are sure of the number of people who want to visit, you can then make a booking right away. Because the seats fill up very quickly, and with most companies taking several trips during the day, it’s recommended that you make a booking in advance. If you are travelling with an entire group, you can also book an entire boat for yourself.

Read About the Whales

To really get the full perspective and the feel for what you are about to see, it’s recommended that you read about the whales as well. Find out more about humpback whales and how they travel before you depart, as you will be able to get a better understanding of why the whales are travelling, and where they are headed. This is a massive spectacle that you will have the pleasure of viewing, so it’s important to have some perspective.

The eastern coastline of Australia is beautiful, and it comes alive each year between April and November. You will see amazing acrobatic displays from these whales as they travel through. It’s important that you check the weather conditions and dress properly, as the weather gets relatively hot during the month of November in Australia.